27 July 2010 – dream factory bombshell


• Exercise: 742
• Consumed: 1189

Not a bad day today. It has been very hot and sticky again, kind of thundery, although the threatened storm hasn’t materialised yet. Commando woke me up early throwing stones at the window becaue he had forgotten his key but I took the opportunity to do a but more exercise, some Wii Fit boxing which I haven’t done for a while. Even though it was trying to rain I walked to work, although I confess I did think about the bus for a moment. The thought of calories burnt made me stick with the walking though. Continue reading

23 March 2010 – the day the music died


I have to admit to more than a little caution when I walked through the war zone this morning. Every time I saw a tramp I scurried past as quickly as I could, keeping my eyes on the pavement and all but holding my breath. It’s when they catch your eye they ask you for money. On the corner by the shops the woman who is a permanent fixture was already so drunk she was unconscious, make up running down her face, legs akimbo, no dignity whatsoever. Not for the first time I wondered what led her to this life? Continue reading

1 February 2010 – a sad day


My friend Jules died today. I wasn’t unexpected, she had cancer and I’d been meaning to go and visit but, with work and everything, I never did get round to it. Maybe that’s just an excuse though. I think I was afraid. I’ve seen too many people die of cancer in my life and one more just seemed like one too many. Jules and I became friends in the playground waiting for our children to come out of school, we hit it off right away, had loads in common. Often we’d have coffee together once we’d dropped the kids off but, once I went back to work we kind of lost touch except through Facebook. Continue reading