25 June 2012 – Redundancy meeting


We had our union meeting today and found out that the company have not given in to some things but have to others. For me it is a plus because although they said no to four weeks pay for every year they are giving a one off payment that is more for me than the extra week would have been. They agreed to back date the deferred pay raise for the whole of this year and also not to make us pay back any holidays we have booked over our pro rata allowance as long as we booked it before the announcement. Another plus for me because I was over my allowance but booked it in January.

My leaving date will be 17 August but my two weeks holiday starts on 6 August so that will be my leaving date. For me it’s all good news although for some who have been there longer not so much. We have to vote on it but I think the majority will accept. Fingers crossed as I don’t want to have to go on strike.

Despite all the hoo ha and the uncertainty I have had a good day under calories and walking for 70 minutes so all I need to do now is stick to it and keep logging.

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