29 April 2011 – Marathon walk

The church in Twyford

The church in Twyford

This morning I set off not really feeling like walking but determined to do at least 22 miles. When I got to Riverside Park I was amazed to see 31 swans (yes I did count them) swimming down the river together towards the bridge. I’m not sure what that was all about or where they all came from but it was quite a stunning sight. The rest of the river was empty of swans so I wonder of they were having some kind of swan party. Continue reading

28 April – beach body work out


This week I’ve been mostly worried about my big fat bum in a bikini on the beach. This has led to early morning Bikini Body exercises using my Pump it Up DVD. Hopefully this works as I know I need some toning before I hit the beach. My muscles are protesting a bit so it must be doing something. Continue reading

25 April 2011 – Easter temptation


Easter is tough when you’re trying to avoid chocolate. It’s especially tough when you have to buy eggs for other people, namely my granddaughters. We visited them yesterday with their eggs so at least they’re out of the house. We had a nice afternoon in their garden sitting in the sun on the swing seat (I really would love one of those it’s so relaxing) and I even resisted chocolate when little Bea offered to share. The nearest I’ve been to chocolate this Easter was the nutella on my low fat croissant. Continue reading

22 April 2011 – shopping, not walking


What a busy old day. The girls came round last night and we didn’t get to bed until about 3 am. There were a few drinks and a few bad food choices last night too but I’m sure its nothing in the great scheme of things and I’m not beating myself up about it. We had a fantastic evening and I’m sure all the laughing, plus a little work out on the punch bag, burnt off quite a few calories. Continue reading

20 April 2011 – busy, busy, busy


This is turning out to be a busy week for me with little time to fit in much exercise apart from walking. For one, I’ve been trying to get rooms sorted for our trip to Agadir. It is also my wedding anniversary on 1st May so I’ve been trying to find a suitable present. We are only allowed to spend £10 and this year it has to be bronze!!??? It looks like I will have to go out searching on Friday so I won’t have time for a long walk. Continue reading

17 April 2011- holiday plans and bikini troubles


We have just booked flights for a week away after the Moonwalk!!! YIKES. We will be going to Agadir in Morocco, somewhere I have never been but I’m hoping I will love it as much as I love Marrakech. I do know a fair bit about it and I have a good friend who lives out there who also happens to own a tour company. Hopefully she will be able to get me a good deal on a hotel. Continue reading

16 April 2011- Moonwalk preparations

From Wikimedia Commons by ashlyak at ml.wikipedia

From Wikimedia Commons by ashlyak at ml.wikipedia

Finally I have got round to booking a hotel for the Moonwalk. Ok, so I know I won’t be spending much time there but poor Commando needs somewhere to wait for me and I need somewhere to try to grab a shower and a little bit of sleep afterwards. I booked a Premier Inn because I know they are OK and I’ve stayed in some really dreadful cheap hotels in London in my time. Continue reading

15 April 2011 – disaster ridden twenty one miles



I set off quite early this morning planning to walk twenty miles but things didn’t turn out quite how I expected. On the way to the river I dropped into Tesco Express to pcik up a bottle of water (yet again I’d left my water bottle in the kitchen Doh!). Tucking it into my bum bag I walked down to the river. About half way along the first straight I thought I’d open the water. Got it out of the bum bag, fumbled and dropped it, only to watch it roll down the steep slope and into the river! Felt a bit bad about littering but there was nothing I could do short of having a quick swim with the swans. Continue reading

11 April 2011 – Easter Egg temptation


Well that weekend certainly whizzed past! We have completed the veg patch and Commando even took some photos. It’s a very small space but I’m still hoping to get some nice veg from it and the tubs on the patio. I still have chillies to plant out but they aren’t quite ready yet and a big pot of strawberries which are just beginning to come up. Can’t wait to start eating it all. Continue reading

8 April 2011 – putting in the miles


This morning I got up nice and early today to start my walk. For this first time this year it was warm enough to leave the parka at home, so I just wore my jeans, Moonwalk t-shirt and a fleece. There were a few swans on the river but the little ducklings I saw last week were no where to be seen. I zipped along the river to Woodmill and then on to the White Swan where I saw one of my swans but no cygnets. It was very pretty along there today with the morning sun glistening off the water and very quiet too at that time of the morning. Continue reading