13 February 2012 – Feeling disheartened


Over the last few weeks I’ve been working really hard to get rid of the weight I put on whiles I was immobilised after my car accident. After I was given the all clear to go back to the high impact exercise I slowly built up the kettle bells and step, the Pump it Up and religiously stuck to logging my food apart from a tiny chocolate slip up last week. Today I weighed in and I’ve put on two pounds! Continue reading

14 September 2011 – feel the burn


Today I burnt 925 calories with beach body this morning for 30 mins, 55 mins walking with my back pack and 30 mins kettlebells/step. I really pushed myself on the walk to work. There was a woman walking quite fast about 200 yards in front of me and I decided I was going to overtake her before we got to the other side of the bridge. I made it with time to spare and then just carried on walking super fast. Poor woman didn’t evern know she was in a race. Continue reading

13 September 2011 – 9 down 5 to go, the chocolate issue


Well another day ticked off of the 14 I promised myself. I started the day with the beach body workout which takes 30 mins, had my usual breakky and shower and set off for work. It was sunny but windy here today and my walk to work with my 16lb backpack took a full 5 mins longer than usual because I was walking into the wind. Thought I was going to blown over the side when I got to the bridge. Continue reading

25 April 2011 – Easter temptation


Easter is tough when you’re trying to avoid chocolate. It’s especially tough when you have to buy eggs for other people, namely my granddaughters. We visited them yesterday with their eggs so at least they’re out of the house. We had a nice afternoon in their garden sitting in the sun on the swing seat (I really would love one of those it’s so relaxing) and I even resisted chocolate when little Bea offered to share. The nearest I’ve been to chocolate this Easter was the nutella on my low fat croissant. Continue reading

18 June 2010 – bad food choices and bad football

Stairs, my secret weapon

Stairs, my secret weapon

This week felt like a month at the very least. Going back to work after a week off is always difficult, working at Mad House makes it doubly so. Then there was the change of floor. A different view from a different window and realising I’m incapable of remembering which floor to get out of the lift on from one day to the next. Three days out of four I’ve got out at floor six, walked onto the old floor and then realised I was in the wrong place. Oh well, I guess I’m burning extra calories walking up the stairs.
Continue reading

4 June 2010 – Maltesers do not constitute a healthy meal



Friday rest day and I did go for a walk along the river this morning. I went out nice and early when there was no one about but a few hardy dog walkers and walked all the way to Mansbridge and back. It was nice walking in the quiet park in the cool of the morning and I felt quite virtuous when I got home. Continue reading

24 May 2010 – the small matter of the bag of Maltesers

The small matter of the bag of Maltesers

The small matter of the bag of Maltesers

Today’s weigh in was slightly disappointing. Maybe it was a case of over high expectations rather than a real reason to gripe though because I did lose a pound taking me back to eleven-stone-nine. The thing is, after the four pounds last week I was kind of hoping there would be a little more water weight from the holiday flights lurking somewhere and I’d lose a bit more. So far this week the healthy eating is going well, along with the exercising. Ok, so I know it’s only Monday and there is the small matter of the bag of Maltesers… Continue reading

13 May 2010 – struggling to get back on the wagon

At least I was moving faster than the people in the cars

At least I was moving faster than the people in the cars

For all my big talk about learning lessons from the weight gain I’m finding it hard to get back to sensible eating after my week away. It’s as if a taste of forbidden fruit (or in this case chocolate) has wiped out all I’ve learned. Back in the canteen I can’t resist the lattes, worse still I can’t seem to walk past the chocolate bars either. I’ve had one every single day even though each morning I tell myself I won’t. At this rate there’s going to be a gain rather than a loss when I next weigh in. Continue reading

30 March 2010 – three wheels on my diet wagon

Three wheels on my diet waggon?

Three wheels on my diet wagon?

Right back on the wagon today! No crap food, no chocolate, just two skinny lattes (yes I know but a girl has to have coffee to get through the day at the Mad House). Back on the Pump It Up first thing in the morning and the walk to work. This weight has to come off before Turkey and time is running out! Continue reading