30 November 2010 – Snow!


Snow update! It is actually snowing in Southampton! Only just mind you but the is definitley some very fine powdery stuff falling out of the sky and beginning to lay on the decking. Wonder if it will continue? If it does I’m going to make Rae stay at my house this time but I’ll fight her for the hot water bottle! Continue reading

29 November 2010 – disappointments


It was so cold here on the south coast I was very grateful for my trusty hot water bottle last night. If only I could take it to work with me. When I woke up I was quite excited because, with the bitter cold, i thought it might have snowed. It hadn’t. Continue reading

21 November 2010 – rewards


This morning I had a mad clean up and worked my way through a pile of paperwork that was driving Commando mad. Then there was the cooking for the week. What a come down after the awards event and the excitement of the football.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about a reward for when I reach my final goal. This is unlikely to be until the new year but what I’d like more than anything is a nice photo of me. I always hate myself in photos. Somehow I manage to be pulling a stupid face or look like I have six chins. It would be really nice to have a good photo of me. 

On my kitchen pin board 

I have had a photo for a long time now. It was my inspiration photo. It is of Marylin Monroe. Quite an iconic photo that most people would probably recognise. She is sitting in a big tutu like skirt fluffed up around her and bare shoulders. I think I’d like one of me like that. Seems like it might be fitting after looking at it for such a long time.

20 November 2010 – football fever


Today It was off to football so there wasn’t much chance for exercise apart for the walk there and back and any incidental jumping up and down for goals. As it happened there was a fair bit of that, it was a brilliant match. Being a Saints supporter is a hard and thankless task in the main but this afternoon, despite the bitter cold, I watced one of the best matches I’ve seen in ages! Continue reading

19 November 2010 – The winning team


Last night was a late one because of the awards. What a night! I have been to so many awards events over the years but this was the first time I got dressed up to go out and actually felt good. For once I didn’t feel like a heffalump in a fancy dress. Commando took some photos before I went out, he said he was so proud of me. Continue reading

18 November 2010 – Excited about going out


It was freezing this morning but a bit of Wii Fit soon warmed me up. For once I’m almost looking forward to work. Almost. We have a short day, finishing at four instead of eight and most of that will be taken up by our team talk so there won’t be much time on the phones. If every day was like that I’d wouldn’t mind the Mad House at all. Continue reading

15 November 2010 – a great big thank you


After my Wii fit jogging, to earn some Marrakech miles, I weighed in. Unbelievably I’ve lost 2.4 pounds. For me that is a huge loss and I wonder how much of it is down to the motivation of those Marrakech miles? There’s just under a pound to shed now for my next target of being in the 9’s. I can hardly believe it’s possible, it’s so much more than I ever dared to hope back in January 2009. Continue reading

14 November 2010 – compliments at World’s End


Yet another wet and miserable day. Last night we went to a 21st birthday party. It was one of the girls from Commando’s marshal arts class and it was in the middle of nowhere in a pub at a place, quite aptly called, World’s End. It was nice to catch up with a few people I haven’t seen for ages and to get lots of compliments about lost weight. Continue reading

13 November 2010 – a dress success!


My second Monsoon dress was in the parcel I picked up after my walk yesterday. As it’s the same size and a similar style to the first, I didn’t think it would fit either. When I put it on though it zipped up easily. It isn’t quite as nice as the first one but it will certainly do. At least that solves the dress problem. 

 Hopefully the other one will fit by Christmas. Then I can make Commando take me somewhere nice. 

How weird though. Two dresses, both from Monsoon, both similar styles with boned strapless bodeces. Both the same size. One fits the other doesn’t! Why can’t shops get it right? Continue reading