31 January 2011 – A great start to the week


After weeks and weeks of basically staying the same, I’ve just weighed in. Finally a loss and a whole two pounds at that!! I know I’m meant to be maintaining but I did want to lose a little more so I have a little bit of a margin for error. Last week I went back to basics and it really did pay off.

I also measured my waist for the first time since just after Christmas and can’t believe I’ve lost four inches since then. All those toning exercises must be paying off! 

What a good start to the week!

29 January 2011 – football and curry


The day began watching Soccer AM because Southampton legend Francis Benali was on it. I’ve met him a few times and he is a lovely man. When Commando Junior was small we saw him in Sainsburys. Commando Junior ran up to him and said ‘You’re Francis Benali’, Franny asked him who he was (I was cringing with embarrassment at the time) and he said ‘Im Commando Junior.’ Franny shook his little hand and said ‘Pleased to meet you.’ Continue reading

28 January 2011 – walking away the grumps


I was a bit headachy this morning after a rubbishy week at work. Yesterday was pants and I had my worst ever customer who actually ended the call by repeatedly telling me to F*** off after telling me he wanted to talk to a man. Not a good way to avoid paying your bill but some people seem to think it will work. As I don’t have a radiator in the bathroom at the moment it’s been very chilly showering all week too which hasn’t improved my mood. Well, technically I do have a radiator, the new one is leaning up against the wall but isn’t connected yet. Continue reading

21 January 2011 – walking with swans


I set off nice and early this morning just after it got light. It was frosty and freezing so I wrapped up warm in my parka and long eared hat. My breath came out in white clouds as I walked. 

There weren’t many people around when I reached the park but the swans were there all puffed up looking very cold. There were a couple who kept rising up out of the water and spreading their wings wide. I wondered if they were males enacting some kind of courtship display, either that or they were having a good stretch. Continue reading

18 January 2011 – decorating blues


So far the rain seems to have stopped here. It was teeming down last night though so I will probably need my waders for the walk to work. I was running late this morning because I couldn’t find the scales for my weigh in. We are redecorating the downstairs bathroom and stupidly I’ve packed them in with all the other stuff I also can’t find. The other stuff includes my hair conditioner and wax so I had to go to work with wilder hair than normal. I give up! Continue reading

14 January 2011 – walking through my past


I’m getting fed up with missing my long walks because of the weather so, even though it was raining this morning I decided to attempt a long walk. Setting off early, I wrapped up with my long eared hat and my parka with the furry hood. It wasn’t raining too much when I left but I had already decided to give the Riverside walk a miss because of the flooding last week which could only be worse after seven more days of rain. Continue reading

11 January 2011 – you can lead a horse to water


More rain again today and the forecast is for the same all week. At this rate my little house is going to float away. Luckily there was a window of slightly lighter rain for my walk to work as I didn’t have any money for bus fare. This left me slightly damp around the edges but not completely dripping when I reached the office. Continue reading

9 January 2011 – facing the music


Finally I faced the scales this morning for the big post Christmas weigh in. This was something I’d been dreading but there was a no putting it off any longer even though I was convinced I had put on at least a couple of pounds. Ok, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world but I wasn’t looking forward to it and was also worried that it might be more than that, much more.

 That’s the problem with Christmas, you just never know how much it’s going to cost. Continue reading

8 January 2011 – an FA Cup victory


my weigh in day of reckoning is getting closer. The moment of truth after Christmas. There are just two days to claw things back so I’m being really strict with myself and hoping it pays off. There has been no let up in the rain. This didn’t endear me to the thought of walking to football, especially not to going over the bridge with half a gale blowing. 

 Continue reading

7 January 2011 – thinking of building an arc


This morning I got up early determined to do a long walk. Fifteen miles was the target. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. I don’t mind a bit of wet but this was ridiculous. if it carries on like this I may also have to start thinking about building a boat, a la Noah! It’s bren raining for the last two days and I’ve been wet when I got to work but this was a whole new level of rain. 

 Continue reading